TrainLifeFit: More than Just a Gym


This month we visit with one of our clients, Sumari Bhasin, owner of TrainLifeFit to see how things are going and to get some insight into his business.

Sumair, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer with a masters in Exercise Physiology from UT Austin, started TrainLifeFit because he wanted to help people find stronger and healthier versions of themselves.

What is TrainLifeFit?


TrainLifeFit is a holistic strength and conditioning gym located in the Mueller neighborhood that is focused on creating impactful change from the inside out. We delve deep into optimizing the areas of movement, nutrition, and lifestyle design! Over the past year we have built a community of individuals that act as each other’s coach. Everyone is making sure that their fellow TLF members are staying accountable to pursuing the strongest and healthiest version of their self. I couldn’t have imagined it any better, and love watching this beautiful community unfold.

The people that I serve are those who want to take responsibility for how they want to look, feel, and what bad-ass things they can actually do.  I do not see fitness and wellness as solely for the elite athlete, but rather a birthright for every human being.”

This means understanding and practicing optimal positions, internal cues, and proper breathing. Then we can manipulate things like reps, sets, frequency, and intensity (AKA start to kick ass!). The same goes for nutrition. Before we hit macros, and all of that jazz, I simply help people add high quality nutrients into their dietary arsenal of awesomeness.

I like to see it as I am adding X or Y food to my body simply because I know it will make me feel amazing and perform better in and outside of the gym.

And last but not least, understanding the type of lifestyle habits you need to manage and maintain a feeling of wellness is FIRST. Forget everything else. From this foundation of wellness, then we are empowered to step up and transcend into stronger and healthier versions of ourselves.”

How do you see the business growing over the next few years?

The culture that is being developed here is that of a coaching style. Every member coaches each other. They watch out for each other, and ensure that their movement cues, and nutritional/lifestyle factors are held accountable. With that being said, TrainLifeFit will be holding an Academy that helps those that want to share their knowledge and success with others. Whether that is in the form of being a holistic strength and conditioning coach or someone who just wants to learn the tools to help others, the Academy will serve that purpose. Eventually, it will be a community that runs itself!

Have you used any promotional products? If so, has it been successful for your business?

DSC_8184I have used business cards, signicades, and T-shirts (Armadillo advertising). Probably the most successful advertising that I do is free … word of mouth from my clients.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting a business?

  • Find a mentor who is doing what you would like to do and is thriving! Learn from them.
  • Just do it. Most people never start and always live in that state of limbo (wondering if they can actually start their dreams!)
  • Value your product and own your rates. People will buy into what you value and whether you OWN it or not.
  • Don’t be scared to network with people that you consider to be your role models. They often learn from you too!
  • Find out who your target audience is. Even if you can serve everyone. Target an audience, and then you can grow from there
  • If you don’t have the necessary funds immediately, start a crowdfunding campaign!

Anything that you would do differently?

I would have asked for more help from my family and friends.


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