b.o.m – Small Business Story

We are happy to be back to telling you stories of local Austin businesses! Today’s interview is with the owner of b.o.m bakery, Evelyn Galante. We are huge fans and have ordered her brigadeiros on many occasions.

Tell me about your business.

b.o.m is a little bakery in Austin, Texas that specializes in the Brazilian confection known as the brigadeiro. Brigdeiros are bite-sized, chocolate truffle-like treats. We mainly do gift boxes of brigadeiros and small-scale catering (especially kids birthday parties!).

Why Austin for your business?

I was born in Brazil and I’ve been making (and eating!) these candies ever since I could sit upright. At the age of 6 my parents and I moved to the United States, but I maintained my love for Brazilian desserts – quindim, mousse de maracujá, and especially the chocolatey brigadeiro. After moving around a bit during my 20s, we landed in Austin to follow my husband’s job. Now we can’t think of anywhere else to call home.

Do you use promo products?

I use some promotional products, mostly as marketing material. I use b.o.m branded stickers to personalize my gift boxes and have branded business cards as well.

How has social media changed your business?

For one, it’s the only advertising we do! As a small business, I don’t have the resources/need/desire to do mass marketing. Social media allows me to connect with b.o.m customers, the Brazilian community and people who love desserts!

What is your favorite social media outlet for your business?

In my day job, I’m a Communications Manager for a local nonprofit, so I’m well-versed in the world of social media. I think the channel that most benefits my business is Facebook. I love the visual element that Twitter can’t provide, as well as the community it helps build.

What is your favorite local business other than your own?

There are so many great local businesses in Austin (which is part of what we love so much). I think I’d have to say all the local coffee shops — especially Pacha Cafe, Monkey Nest, Genuine Joe’s, Steeping Room, and Thunderbird. I love that there are so many options for a quick coffee break or a work-day away from the office. One of my current favorites right now is Stinson’s, a little food truck-turned-coffee shop on 45th and Burnet. Their iced coffee is the best in town!

Any advice for other aspiring business owners?

Take your time and do it right! Even if you think you know you’re an expert at your product, you don’t know how customers will react. Start by doing product testing, sampling, running tests, experimenting and perfecting your business. Don’t fall in the trap of trying to do too much too soon. And lastly, give back! Last year we donated silent auction items for Austin Food Bloggers Alliance’s fundraiser benefiting the Bake-a-Wish Foundation of Austin. It was such a fantastic way to do something small to benefit the broader Austin community.

What else do you want to share about your business?

Check out our website and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (and a little on Pinterest!). While we don’t post super often, I can promise you fun seasonal specials, party pictures and photos of mouth-watering chocolate candies!


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