It’s All About Your Client

We all know this, but all too often we forget it. This is particularly true in the promotional products industry where new and cool things come on line all the time. So often one of my clients will call me and tell me that they saw this really great product that they want to purchase as a giveaway or as a customer appreciation gift. Sometimes the product is a great idea for them, but frequently, I have to help them focus on what to think about when buying a promotional product. Here are some questions that I always ask my clients:

Who is your audience?

This is the most important question to answer because this is what should drive all of your marketing efforts including a promotional product. Is your audience under 30? Over 50? Consumers or businesses? For example, you may be technically savvy and nothing makes you happier than the latest gadget, but your customers may be more excited by a great tote bag. Whatever promotional product you choose should be something that your audience will like and want.

What is the purpose of the product?

Is it for a marketing campaign? A product launch? Is it a client or customer gift? Is it for a particular event? Is it to recognize your employees? The answers to this question should determine the type of product that you purchase. For example, a giveaway at a conference is quite different than an appreciation gift for a good customer or valued employee.

What is your in-hands date—when do you need the product?

This is important to know because there is a standard production time for promotional products. For example, most products have anywhere from a 5 to 7 day production time, which is working days. There is also the shipping time, usually 3 to 5 days that you have to add to the production time. The most common mistake that my clients make is waiting too late to order and having to pay a rush charge or pay for expedited shipping.

What is your budget?

Make sure that you not only factor in the per item cost of the product times the quantity you need, but also the artwork setup charge, the shipping charges and sales tax if applicable. That’s why we always give our clients an estimate with all of the costs factored in so they know what to expect.

After this has all been addressed, we can find the perfect promotional product for you.


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